A Bloody Mary Mother’s Day

Have a go at making your mum some brunch this Mother’s Day. It’s the perfect treat for mums who are usually always so busy and hardly ever have any time for themselves. By making brunch, you’re inviting your mum to sit back, relax and enjoy something you’ve made especially for her!

The perfect brunch accompaniment is, of course, a Bloody Mary! With its full flavours, the tomato juice used in the Bloody Mary contains high levels of glutamic acid which is the compound that gives food the rich and savoury quality called umami. This is what makes it the ideal brunch-time bev!

We’ve chosen four yummy brunch recipes with the perfect Bloody Mary to complement each!

All-American Martini Pancake Stack


Why not impress mum with this sophisticated and bold Manhattan Dirty Mary Martini? It’s packed full of flavour and is guaranteed to get her day off to a good start! And, whilst you’re mixing together the chilli sauce and olive liquid to prepare her martini, you can make her a stack of all-American pancakes to go with it.

For the pancakes, rope in the kids to measure out 300g of flour, 1tsp baking powder and 1tbsp of caster sugar. Add this all into a large bowl with two medium eggs and whisk together with 300ml of milk until smooth. Then all you need to do is cook the batter in a hot frying pan, flipping them with all the style you can muster, and serve them covered in maple syrup!

The sweetness of the syrup pancakes and the kick from the martini are a match made in heaven!

Heavy-on-the-Bacon Full English


If mum prefers something a bit different then she’ll love the Balthazar Bloody Mary! Invented by the expert mixologists at London’s Balthazar restaurant, this is a drink with a full-bodied and rich flavour. By adding green Tabasco and serving with streaky bacon, it’s sure to pack a punch!

With bacon in the Balthazar, pair it perfectly with a full English cooked breakfast. Go all-out with fried mushrooms, tomatoes, egg and toast! Stir the beans until they’re piping hot and cook the bacon (whilst mum enjoys the lovely smell of the fry-up!). Just make sure you cook enough for everyone!

Perfectly Poached Bloody Mary Brunch


If you’re in the mood for a gentler start to your day, why not try the mocktail version of a Bloody Mary? With some ice and a squeeze of lemon, this drink is a firm favourite for a brunch. It’ll ease you into your day and goes great with runny poached eggs on avocado toast.

All you need for this healthy brunch is one large egg, ½ an avocado, a slice of seeded bread and a handful of baby spinach. Just fry up the tomato in a pan and poach the egg in water. Whilst you’re watching the egg, the kids can have fun smashing the avocado and putting it on the bread. Once the egg is done, add it to the plate with the spinach, grind some black pepper on top and serve!

This brunch only takes about 5 minutes to make, but it’s definitely a treat for mum this Mother’s Day!

Mary’s Classic V8 Cheesy Croissants


Sometimes you just can’t beat a classic, and a Classic V8 Bloody Mary will slip down a treat this Mother’s Day. Using Worcestershire sauce and V8 Original vegetable juice, you can make this drink in an easy 3-step process to wow mum at brunch!

To complement your classic Bloody Mary, have a go at making some cheesy scrambled eggs. Whisk up the eggs, milk and seasoning in a bowl. Then add some grated cheddar cheese and mix together. Add a handful of herbs and then gently scramble in a pan over a low heat. Split the croissants in half and warm them through in the oven. Fill the croissants with the scrambled egg and serve whilst warm.

And there you have it! Four perfect brunches made for Mother’s Day, and each paired with a special Bloody Mary for a real treat…

Let us know what you’ll be making your mum for Mother’s Day this year!