It’s Time to #GetYour5



Start your new year off the right way by making sure you #GetYour5 portions of fruit and veg every day! Here at V8, we love our veggies, but we understand that it can be tough for some folks to get their recommended amount of delicious fruit and veg. That’s why we’re addressing the nation’s biggest concerns about getting their 5 a day and offering you handy and fun ways to make sure that you’re living happier and healthier this year.

We’ll be tackling three of the biggest concerns about getting your 5 a day.


We’re all feeling the squeeze just after Christmas, so while you may have eaten your body weight in sprouts and spuds over the festive period, getting the right balance of 5 a day fruit and veg might seem pricey. But with a few simple changes and some smart shopping, you’ll have more fruit and veg than you can shake a carrot stick at.


It’s hard for us to imagine, but we’ve heard that some of you out there don’t like the taste of veggies! But fear not, we’ve got tips ranging from the delicious to the cunning to help you slip a few more veggies past the haters (they’ll love you in the long run).


Some say that we don’t even take the time to sit around the table and eat dinner as a family any more. We’re always skipping breakfast and there never seems to be enough hours in the day. How can you manage to get everything done and prepare fruit and veg for your meals to make sure you #GetYour5? With our handy hacks, that’s how! We’ll show you some secrets to fast fruit and rapid radishes for some quick and easy ways to #GetYour5.


Give your body some love this year. Visit our brand new page and learn now to #GetYour5 with ease.