Festive Fruit Ideas!

Festive fruit!

Christmas –  the season for overindulgence. There’s Christmas dinner, tins of chocolates and unhealthy nibbles everywhere you look. Therefore, fruit can be a welcoming sight after the heavy dinners and treats! Below we’ve compiled some festive ways to use fruit this Christmas. Whether you’re eating them, using them for drinks or creating garlands packed full…

Top Twenty Cringeworthy Christmas Cracker Jokes

woman pulling a cracker with a terrible joke inside

Don’t you just LOVE a terrible Christmas cracker joke? Christmas jokes are an essentially part of getting us into the Christmas spirit. They allow us all to share in a collective groan at the predictable – yet undoubtedly funny – clichés. These decorated dinner creations, filled with exciting gifts and a colourful Christmas hat, make…

How To Decorate Your Office This Christmas

decorate your office for christmas

You wake up on a morning in December to a Christmas wonderland. Your house is a veritable grotto of decorations, presents and the smells of Christmas. But it isn’t Christmas Day just yet. You still have to go to work! And work is about as un-christmasy as you could imagine. Barren cubicles, dour employees and…

DON’T PANIC! How to stay organised this Christmas

planning for christmas and being organised

1. Buy a planner for the month Buying yourself a big, clear planner specifically for December can make such a difference. This allows you a clear overview of the upcoming month and all the things that are scheduled in. All party invitations and social events can go in here. This means you can plan ahead…

How to Find the Perfect Christmas Present Every Time


We’ve all been there in the run up to Christmas. The question of gifts is brought up in conversation and before you can even finish the question, close family members insist they’ve ‘got everything’. Your best friend has ‘absolutely no idea!’ and your partner expects you to know them well enough to need not ask. So,…

6 Things To Make You Feel More Christmassy

feeling christmassy

December is finally here, but with so much else going on – kids to feed, jobs to be done, houses to clean – for some of us the festive feeling can seem a very long way off! If Christmas has snuck up on you this year without giving you time to prepare, our latest blog…

10 Weird Christmas Traditions From Around The World

deep fried Christmas turkey

Every family seems to have its own Christmas traditions. In addition to putting up the tree and getting stuck in to a feast of turkey, some families have little traditions of their own. Some families let their kids open one present on Christmas Eve. Others play the same games every year or eat specific things….

Discover The Best Way To Store Vegetables With Our Vegetable Storage Chart

vegetables storage fridge

When you bring in your shopping, where is the best place to store your vegetables to get the most out of them? Depending on whether you refrigerate your vegetables or store them in the cupboard, you can make your vegetables last much longer, or shorter. It’s important to make sure that you store vegetables in…

A Bloody Nightmare… Try Our Ultimate Halloween Themed Cocktail!

v8 bloody nightmare cocktail

Looking for some creative, creepy cocktails this Halloween? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve concocted the perfect drink to accompany the spooks, tricks and treats this October. Our Bloody Mary cocktail alternative, the Bloody Nightmare, incorporates our tasty V8 Original juice with a generous splash of ‘boos’ to keep the ghouls away. However don’t let the…

10 Creative Things You Can Do With A Pumpkin


Happy Halloween everyone! Here at V8, we love this time of year – the leaves are turning, there’s a chill in the air and spooky times are ahead. Halloween of course means pumpkins and this year, why not get super creative with these versatile and fun to use squashes? Luckily, you don’t need to be…