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A delicious blend of 8 vegetable juices

A balance of fruit and vegetables is essential to our health. But only 30% of UK adults are getting their recommended daily serving! V8 Original vegetable juice is the easiest and tastiest way to enjoy your 5 a day.

Our delicious blend of 8 vegetable juices contains 1 whole serving of vegetables, plus lots of good vitamins A & C. Available in supermarkets across the UK, you can snap up a carton of V8 Original whenever you need a healthy boost.

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V8 recipes

Our recipe section is bursting with enticing and simple recipes for any occasion. Made with delicious V8 Original vegetable juice, every dish has been created to inspire a love for cooking fresh, wholesome meals for friends and family. Featuring a range of seasonal delights, family favourites and vegetarian feasts, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with V8 recipes.

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About V8 vegetable juice

V8 vegetable juice has been enjoyed by families for over 80 years. It began in 1933, with a delightful fellow by the name of W.G. Peacock and his delicious blend of 8 vegetable juices. 86 years later, we’re still counting on those same veggies to make V8 tasty. From delicious, nutritious tomatoes, to the 7 others – beetroot, carrots, celery, spinach, parsley, lettuce and watercress.