10 Best Root Vegetables | V8 Juice

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There are many types of root vegetables out there that have different nutritional values and tastes. Many people don’t realise just how versatile these can be, and struggle to think of ways to eat them. To give you a help in hand, we’ve narrowed down our 10 favourite root veggies, why we love them, and…

Health Benefits of Vegetables

Why vegetables are good for you Here at V8, we live for veggies because they’re essential for living a healthy lifestyle. They provide so many different health benefits so it’s crucial you have them in your diet. Eating vegetables daily can reduce the risk of many life-threatening diseases such as heart disease and digestion issues…

What To Do With Your Summer Tomatoes


If you grow your own tomatoes, you’ll probably be drowning in them by now. This time of year, you’re probably wondering what to do with excess tomatoes. So, it’s the perfect time to get creative with them. But if you’re short for inspiration, we’re here to give you V8 things to make with your tomatoes.

8 Easy Kitchen Hacks for Lazy Cooks


8 Easy Kitchen Hacks for Lazy Cooks Kitchen hacks to help prevent food waste, save you time, save you money. If you’re one of those people who likes to get in and out of the kitchen as soon as possible, there are so many hacks out there that can make your kitchen jobs so much…

How To Create The Perfect Picnic


We’re fully into the swing of summer and if you’re looking for an excuse to get outside and enjoy the weather or watch the sunset it’s time to prep your perfect picnic. Whether you’re planning a romantic one, a family day out or just picnicking with friends, there are many things to consider.  We’re here…

12 Health Benefits of Tomato Juice


Here at V8 we love tomatoes and tomato juice. Apart from being versatile and delicious, the humble tomato is a powerhouse of nutrition. So numerous are the health benefits of tomatoes that they were once commonly used for medicinal purposes to treat a great number of ailments. We adore this little red fruit (… vegetable?…

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Vegetarians


National Vegetarian Week, which runs from the 13th to the 19th of May, aims to showcase the benefits of a meat-free diet. As more and more people each year sway towards the meat-free lifestyle, it’s proven that eating as a vegetarian is one of the best things you can do in 2019 to stop climate…

Health Benefits Of Celery Juice

Celery Juice

Curious of the health benefits of celery? How can the vegetable that’s 95% water benefit people so significantly? Is it just the latest health fad, or is it actually true? Celery is known to be popular for its anti-inflammatory properties and its vitamin K & C purposes.  But what actually happens when it’s blended and…

Top 8 Veggie Pizza Toppings

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In celebration of #NationalPizzaDay V8 are celebrating Italy’s most popular wheel of dough with a round up of the top 8 vegetarian pizza toppings! If you’re looking to get a bit experimental with your vegetarian pizza, take some inspiration from V8’s top eight vegetarian pizza toppings… to create the best vegetarian pizza ever made!