8 Easy Kitchen Hacks for Lazy Cooks


8 Easy Kitchen Hacks for Lazy Cooks

Kitchen hacks to help prevent food waste, save you time, save you money. If you’re one of those people who likes to get in and out of the kitchen as soon as possible, there are so many hacks out there that can make your kitchen jobs so much quicker and easier. Discover the kitchen hacks that actually work!

1. The Pineapple Hack

You’ve seen this one, right? The viral video on how to eat pineapples the ‘right’ way. Apparently, we’ve all been doing it wrong our whole lives! After watching the video, you sit back and wonder why you’d been struggling that whole time trying to cut a pineapple… When you can just pick away at it with your fingers! The Food Network put it to the test and it really works!

2. Organisational hacks

You don’t have to be a neat freak to make your kitchen a more organised place. From dividing your draws to re-using your file folders staying clean and organised will make cooking and cleaning so much easier. This video should be great inspiration.

3. Recycling hacks

There’s nothing more important right now than making sure you’re looking after the environment and being as sustainable as possible. Reusing your veggies can really help do your bit to save the environment; And you can also save money doing so. Check them out below…

4. Kitchen cleaning hacks

Let’s face it, there aren’t many of us who enjoy cleaning! And if there are any ways to make cleaning easier or quicker, we’re ready to hear about it. There are cleaning tricks that you probably don’t already know about. So it’s time to get the limescale out of your kettle and tackle those greasy pans!

5. Hacks to keep food fresh

Fruit, dairy and bread are all the common food groups that are known to have a shorter shelf life than others. Did you know dropping some salt into your milk and putting a piece of bread in your cookie jar would preserve freshness? Try these tricks for keeping your food fresh…

6. Upgrade your kitchen hacks

There are so many quick ways to upgrade your kitchen. Make it look better to access your utensils easier with these simple hacks. And you don’t have to be a fully qualified carpenter to do so, it just requires some patience and a little bit of time.

7. Surprising kitchen hacks

Who would have thought making your own jam requires 3 ingredients and takes 5 minutes? These 5-miniute crafts will totally surprise you and definitely keep you occupied!

8. Cook popcorn with your hair straighteners with these all-time best hacks

From Nutella milkshakes to red wine ice cubes, these are the BEST food hacks you’ll find. Who would have thought you could make popcorn with your hair straighteners…

There you have it, all of the best hack videos for everything from organising to recycling. Make sure you put your new tricks to test and thank us later! Oh, and don’t forget to sit down and have a glass of V8 after.