8 Small Healthy Changes We Can All Make


It can sometimes be difficult to stay healthy when life gets in the way. We get it… You’ve got kids to look after, deadlines to meet, work to do and so much Netflix to catch up on!

But the secret to being healthy isn’t in the big things, but the tiny changes to your life that you can turn into to positive life choices. So here are 8 small ways you can make your life that little bit healthier.

1. Take the stairs

walking up the stairs is a small healthy change

Going up? Take the stairs instead, even if it’s just up one flight. You can take the lift the rest of the way, but give your leg muscles a nice stretch by taking the stairs every now and again.

2. Swap a coffee

Make a small health change by swapping out a coffee

The caffeine in 2 cups of coffee adds 16 beats per minute to your heart rate. So help manage your heart rate and blood pressure by swapping a coffee for a green tea. Or, have a glass of V8 Original! 1 glass = 1 of your 5-a-day!

3. Give Peas A Chance

peas are healthy

Do you know what’s great about peas? They go with pretty much anything. Add a handful of peas to your dinner to boost your 5-a-day intake. Peas go with any meat, you can chuck them in curry, soup and carbonara!

4. Breakfast Toppings

small healthy changes include fruity porridge

Another easy way to weedle more goodness goodies into your diet. Before reaching for the sugar bowl, try topping your porridge with ground mixed spice, dried fruit or fresh fruit pieces.

5. Order groceries online

order healthy food online

Wandering the shelves maybe a great way to get some easy exercise, but it exposes you to more tempting impulse buys that could be bad for your health. Ordering online removes the distractions and means you only get the things that are on your list. Perfect for those who can’t resist temptation!

6. Park further away

slightly longer distances to walk is another small health change

Whether you’re out on a shopping spree or simply going to work, park a little further away from the doors than usual. Those few extra steps will means miles of extra exercise if you do it for a year.

7. Read a book


Expand your knowledge, reduce stress, and briefly cut ties with the Internet. Spending half an hour with a book is a great way to reduce stress and relax your heart rate.

8. Have a Banana


The potassium it contains can lower blood pressure. One per day is all it takes. Easy!