3 Back to School Health Tips for Parents

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It’s that time of year when the children are finally getting ready to go back to school again. Alongside this comes a nice new regular routine, including a healthy sleeping pattern and eating schedule. Things can get a bit off track over the summer holidays – not to mention with the coronavirus lockdown implications that have dominated 2020 – but now it’s time to get them back into a routine.  

One focus should be on health tips for back to school, so we’ve put together a few hints and tips on how to achieve this. 

Back to School Health Tips for Parents 

There are a bunch of different ways you can ensure you’re sending your children off to school this September with health in mind. Here are our top three favourite methods for back to school health.  

  1. Brain Food for Breakfast 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and unfortunately it can so easily be missed. But it’s really important not to skip breakfast – especially for growing children.  

It can be difficult to encourage children to eat fruit, so incorporating it into breakfast is a good way to make sure they are getting more vitamins. There are so many scrummy ways to enjoy fruit for breakfast, including…  

Overnight Oats with Fruit 

Overnight oats are perfect if you are short for time in the morning because, as the name suggests, you can prep it the night beforeOvernight Oats is a popular recipe which can be prepped beforehand and made in bulk, you can also incorporate fruit and seeds for extra flavour. It’s packed with nutrients and can be tailored to your little ones’ tastes. 

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Smoothie Bowls 

Smoothie bowls are the perfect option if you’d like to get a lot of fruit into breakfast for additional energy. You can change them depending on which fruits and flavour yoghurts you like, to be as sweet or savoury as possible. Some popular toppings for smoothie bowls include coconut flakes, berries (brain food!) and granola.  


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Omelettes or Egg Soldiers  

Egg is the perfect brain food for first thing in the morning. Not only can you make a big batch of eggs for everyone, but also you can modify the toppings and sides however you please. Consider avocado if you want to top up your magnesium and potassium, tomatoes for vitamins C and K, and mackerel or sardines for Omega-3. 


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2. Healthy Lunches  

Prepping healthy pack lunches can be another way of ensuring your children are maintaining a healthy balanced diet when they go back to school 


Your body digests protein slower than any other food group, so incorporating it into a midday meal will provide them with longlasting energy for the afternoon. A good example would be a chicken sandwich; you could also include some salad or avocado in this, depending on how fussy they are! 

Veggie-packed Pasta 

Making some veggiefilled cold pasta salad is a great way to incorporate vegetables into pack lunches, in a tasty way. Our very-own V8 recipe Saucy Chicken and Vegetable Pasta is packed with healthy, mouth-watering flavours. 

V8 Juice 

V8 Juice is full to the brim with nutrients as it’s packed with veggies. This means it’s perfect for getting your 5-a-day in. By popping a flask of V8 in their lunch box, you can guarantee a good brain boost for the afternoon ahead. 

3. Back to School Health and Wellbeing  

Alongside ensuring your children are getting their 5-a-days and brain power food throughout the day, it is important they also embark on a new, consistent routine when going back to school. Having a regular routine is known to help with sleep, general health, and stress levels.  

Try to ensure your little ones go to sleep and get up at the same time, eat at the same time and exercise regularly. This will all help aid a healthy lifestyle when going back to school this September.