The Best Way to Store Fruit at Home

Best Way to Store Fruit at Home (1)

Ever go to the fruit bowl to find your fruit has gone off before you’ve had a chance to eat it? Throwing fruit away can be frustrating, not to mention the amount of food waste that this creates.

But did you know that how you store your fruit can have a significant impact on both the taste and how long it lasts for? If you want your fruit to stay fresher for longer and aren’t sure how, you’re in the right place.

What is the best way to store fruit?

How you store fruit can influence both the taste and how long it lasts for. Storing fruit on the counter may allow for good air circulation but keeping your fruit in the fridge can make them last up to a week longer. For best results, however, freeze your fruit for 3-6 months.

In a fruit bowl or on the counter

A fruit bowl is often the go-to way to store your fresh fruit. But it is always best?

Storing your fruit in a fruit bowl or on your countertop is often the most practical option. This storage option also allows for better air circulation, helping to prevent the fruit from aging prematurely, ensuring a longer shelf life for your fresh goods. However, did you know that storing all your fruit in one bowl can actually do more harm than good? Bananas, for example, can cause other fruits to ripen more quickly. So, if you’re trying to make your fruit go further, the fruit bowl may not be the answer!

In the fridge

Storing fruit in the fridge is a simple fix to make your fruit last for that little bit longer. Apples, pears and oranges, for example, can last up to a week longer when refrigerated. So, if you want to get more from your weekly shop, storing your fruit in the fridge will see you through.

Top tip: want to know the best way to store your fruit in the fridge? Make sure to keep your fruit separately from each other to prevent it from spoiling quickly!

In the freezer

If you really want to extend the shelf life of your fruit, freezing your fruit can be a great storage option. Most frozen fruit can last from 3 – 6 months, meaning you’ll never get to your fruit bowl or fridge to find your fruit has spoilt again! This is also a great way to easily cut down on food waste and save valuable space in your fridge or kitchen.

Reduce your food waste and get the most out of your delicious fruit with our handy guide below!

A chart showing the best ways to store different fruits at home

Infographic by V8 Juice UK detailing how long you can keep your fruit or; on the side, in the fridge or the freezer.