Rudolph’s Recovery Recipe: Boxing Day Bloody Mary

boxing day bloody mary

If Christmas Day is the day for overindulgence, Boxing Day is the day for recovery. And when you’ve overdone it over the festive season, nothing kick starts your day like our V8 Bloody Mary.

Packed with all the great taste of V8 Original Juice and with a wakeup zing of spice, the V8 Bloody Mary is a great way to enjoy a lazy Boxing Day morning.

Our classic Bloody Mary combines V8 Original Juice, spicy hot sauce, black pepper and a dash of lemon to make a rich and refreshing brew that’s a real pleasure to wake up to.

If you’re having family round on Boxing Day, this recipe can easily be made as a pitcher to serve many weary travellers at once. This warming and comforting cocktail is perfect for taking the chill out of those wintery days.

Father Christmas over indulged this year and needs a V8 Bloody Mary CocktailA favourite drink for Sunday brunch or any gathering of friends or family, this peppery beverage can be enjoyed with or without the alcohol. Check out the full recipe.