Christmas Up-cycling

A V8 fan making their own up-cycled christmas decorations

At V8 we love combining crafts with Christmas! Why go out and buy Christmas decorations, when making your own is a great way to save money and have fun?

Transform your old junk into attractive and quirky decorations this Christmas. Check out some of our favourite Christmas up-cycling tips and tricks below.

Christmas Jars

Take a large jar and make your very own winter wonderland Christmas decoration. Learn how to make a mason jar candle right here! Add red or green dye for that festive flair and add the scents of the season to create an ideal Christmas candle.

If you are feeling more adventurous,  you can even make a Christmas scene by combining some decorative odds and ends.

By no means think that your beautiful Christmas candle jars are limited to snow filled scenes. If you spray paint the jar and tracing a Christmas scene onto the side you can create beautiful decorations. Check out the video below to find out more.

Christmas Wine Bottle Up-cycling

Wine bottle candle lights are similar to the spray painted jars above. But putting a stencil on the outside and spray painting around it you can save yourself a lot of colouring in. It’s also a great way to spell out Christmas themes across several bottles: like this example below.

Up-cycling your Christmas tree

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without decorations for your tree. Whether you choose to use ice lolly sticks, wine corks or clothes pegs the only limit is your creativity.

Wine corks can be up-cycled into reindeer ornaments; there are plenty of styles available, which you can use to decorate your Christmas tree, dinner table or any surface around your home.

Clothes peg snowflakes are easy to make and have a rustic feel, they can be painted match your taste. Learn how to make them in the video below.

Old light bulbs make brilliant baubles. All you need to do is decorate the glass, drill a hole through the metal bracket, thread through some wire and hang it from your tree. This video shows you how to make penguin baubles.

Decorating your Door

Your Christmas decorating isn’t complete without you front door being spruced up. We found a couple of great options that you will adore.

If you are after something more traditional, up-cycled Christmas wreaths are a popular choice. There is a huge variety of options for you to create something beautiful and unique, which you can learn more about below.

This fantastic tutorial tells you how to make you own yarn Christmas wreaths out of a few spare balls of cotton.

If you would like to make a wreath that uses up your wine cork supply, we have a quick and easy option here. It’s a really simple and elegant up-cycled wreath which we adore.

Finally, if you would rather make a traditional wreath of your very own, then you can learn from this handy guide. Taking vegetation from around your garden you can craft your own stunning yet simple wreath.

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