Creative Christmas Stocking Stuffers


Presents have been bought and wrapped, the decorations are up, Christmas is sorted!

… or is it? Did you remember the Christmas stockings?

Stuck for decent stocking ideas? We have you covered! We’ve got a sleigh full of ideas of what to put in your Christmas stockings this year to bring a little extra magic to the festive period without breaking the bank.

A sure-fire way to make a stocking more magical is to have a theme. Maybe your kid is really into superheroes, so why not make every stocking present caped crusader themed? Themes help you decide what to buy, allow you to stick to a budget and show that you really know the person you’re filling the stocking for.

Winter Woolies

Help your family brave the cold and make it downstairs with a pair of cosy Christmas slippers, gloves or a hat! As an extra bit of fun, wrap each slipper separately. Imagine the look on your kid’s face as they unwrap a single slipper!shutterstock_329034404

Gift Cards

Back in the day, gift cards and vouchers basically said “I don’t know what you want, get it yourself.” But these days, that has changed. With apps and other exciting digital games available to people on a range of devices, a simple £5 gift card could result in hours and hours digital fun!


The Teaser

If you’re giving a big, exciting present that comes in several parts, start the hype train rolling by putting one of the smaller items in the stocking as teaser to the main event! For example, if you’ve bought a game console, wrap the controller separately and put it in the stocking. That way, by the time you get all get to opening the big presents, excitement levels will be through the roof!


Phone Case

Kids are getting phones from a younger and younger age. They’re very expensive, so it makes sense to pick up a funky phone case to help protect your child’s phone. Rubberised phone cases give much-needed protection from the rough and tumble of an active kid’s daily life. They’re available in every design imaginable. So whatever they’re in to, you’re sure to find a phone case your kids will love!


The Time-Sink

Grab a few more vital minutes in bed by distracting your kids with a stocking stuffer that needs to be build or made. Those 3D puzzle cubes and brain teasers also do a great job at keeping your kids busy while you summon the effort to get up at 5:30 in the morning.shutterstock_485051035


Even if your kids aren’t drinking tea yet, that Christmas hot chocolate has to go somewhere! A themed mug is a fun addition to any kitchen and its sizes allows for more hot chocolate and marshmallows! Why not get a whole set of Christmas-themed mugs for the whole family?shutterstock_225765706

Personal Pressies

There are plenty of bespoke stores that can make something thoughtful and personalised for the person you love this Christmas. Etsy and similar bespoke online store locations are your gold mine for something that says just the right thing; be it their name, a favourite quote, or themed decoration. Stocking-sized options include jewellery, socks and t-shirts.shutterstock_232580941


Let your imagination flow onto the page with some arts supplies. Stationery is a cheap and easy way to encourage creativity in both adults and children. Colouring books are very in right now for people of all ages, so grab some coloured pencils and get ready for some lovely Christmas creations.shutterstock_80735290

Extra Decorations

Getting the family together is what Christmas is all about! If you have the whole tribe staying over at Christmas, put an extra Christmas tree decoration in each stocking. In the morning, before diving into the presents, bring the family together by finishing off the tree. For an extra bit of magic, choose a decoration that is unique to each person.shutterstock_337212722

Joke Gifts

When you’re shopping, you’re bound to come across a gift that is so bad it’s funny. If someone shares your sense of humour, add it to their Christmas stocking. Stockings are a great place to store joke gifts, like bacon-flavoured toothpaste and rubbish gifts like perfumed coat hangers.

Man excited about his joke christmas present from his stocking

Tasty Treats

Homemade cookies, mince pies or tubes of sweets are tasty treats that always go down well at Christmas. Yes, it’s a little bit indulgent, but if you can’t even have treats for breakfast on Christmas Day then there’s something wrong with world! Take this chance to explore the weirder side of candy, like flavoured beans, sour sweets, and gobstoppers. While you’re picking up your stocking stuffers, don’t forget to grab these Christmas classics…shutterstock_98343941


Come on, did you really think we’d miss the opportunity to talk about deliciously healthy fruit?

No stocking is complete with some fruit. Traditionally it’s a (non-chocolate) orange, but winter fruits like cranberries, apples and pears do a great job of balancing out the festive sweeties.

Festive fruit for a Christmas stocking

This year, why not hide something a little different in your kids’ stockings to bring a little bit more magic to Christmas Day. These are just a couple of ideas to help you get a little bit of extra magic out of Christmas. Don’t forget to pop back to our Interactive Advent Calendar tomorrow for another chance to get a Christmas treat from all of us here at V8!