DIY Summer Ice Lollies at Home

homemade ice lollies

As summer comes, and the weather warms up (hopefully!), we all begin to crave something cold to bring relief from the humidity outdoors.  

Here at V8, we’ve compiled some of our favourite recipes for ice lollies that we all enjoy in the summer, including one with our own V8 juice! Enjoy, and tag us on Facebook or Twitter if you have a go at making them. 

How to make ice lollies with juice 

Follow these simple steps to make easy ice lollies with fruit juice: 

  1. Choose your juice of choice, it can be any flavour! Orange juice with bits can be a wonderful choice for all the family. 
  2. Get some reusable ice lolly moulds, we use the ones with reusable sticks to reduce our plastic waste.  
  3. Fill the mould to 75% full, being careful to not overfill them as water expands when frozen. No one wants to have to clean up sticky fruit juice from the bottom of a freezer draw! 
  4. Place the reusable sticks and lids in, taking care to minimise spillage. If you have no lids for your moulds, try part freezing your lollies first as the stick will hold better this way.  
  5. Put your lollies in the freezer upright. You can always support them by placing other freezer items around the mould.  
  6. Wait overnight, or for a minimum of four hours, before taking your moulds out of the freezer. If they won’t release easily, run warm – not boiling – water on the outside to melt it slightly, making them easier to slide out.  
  7. Enjoy your ice lollies! 

Recipes for Fruit Juice Ice Lollies 

We’ve compiled some fantastic fruit juice recipes, and using the steps above, you can easily recreate any of them with easy to obtain ingredients.  

Garden Party Ice Lollies with V8 Original 

When you’re stuck indoors with bad rain, or you want a less than traditional ice lolly for your next BBQ that invokes feelings of being at a garden party, this recipe certainly does the trick.  


  • 250ml of V8 Original 
  • 400g (1 punnet) of strawberries, with the green tops removed 
  • 8-10 cherry tomatoes 
  • 8 fresh basil leaves, or one sprig
  • (For adults) 150ml of gin if desired


  1. Blend all ingredients in a mixer until smooth. If you don’t have a mixer, then finely chop all ingredients and mash together.  
  2. Leave mix to settle for two minutes, or until all the froth has dissolved.  
  3. Pour into moulds, following the steps above. 
  4. Leave overnight and enjoy! 

avocado ice lollies

Creamy Avocado and Mint Lollies 

Avocado may not seem like a good ice lolly flavour, but it’s incredibly creamy and smooth, almost like ice cream. After you’ve tried them once, these ice lollies will become a firm favourite for all the family.  


  • 2 ripe medium-sized avocados, stones and skin removed 
  • 100ml cashew milk (or milk of choice but it must be thicker than traditional plant milk) 
  • Spare cashew milk 
  • Juice of one lime 
  • 1 sprig of mint, with the leaves finely sliced 
  • Honey, for sweetening to taste 


  1. Place the avocados, 100ml of cashew milk, lime juice and mint leaves into a blender, and blend until smooth. If the mixture does not blend, add in more milk. The texture should slide slowly off the back of a spoon.  
  2. If required, add honey to sweeten.  
  3. Using the steps above, make your ice lollies! 
  4. Set overnight and enjoy. 

Zingy Lemon and Ginger Throat Saver Lollies 

For the summer nights when you want to karaoke, or if you’re feeling under the weather one day, these ice lollies will help soothe your throat as well as offer some natural antioxidants. 


  • 4 stem gingers in syrup, plus syrup, finely chopped  
  • Juice and zest of one lemon 
  • 400ml plant milk of choice 
  • 1 tablespoon of honey 


  1. Mix all ingredients together using a whisk, either hand or electric.  
  2. Pour the mixture into moulds using the method outlined above.  
  3. Leave to set and enjoy! 

coconut ice lollies

Pina Colada Inspired Ice Lollies 

For those wishing they were abroad with a pina colada in hand, this recipe summons those emotions and encapsulates them in taste. 


  • 1 tin of, or 1 medium pineapple, chopped 
  • Zest and juice of 1 small lemon 
  • 100ml coconut cream 
  • Desiccated coconut, to taste  
  • 2 tsp Agave syrup, or natural sweetener syrup 
  • 50ml White or coconut rum (for adults) – if not using alcohol, replace with milk of choice


  1. Blend the pineapple, coconut cream, lemon and desiccated coconut in a mixer until fully combined and smooth. At this point, add in the alcohol or milk.  
  2. Pour into moulds and freeze, following our steps on how to make ice lollies above 
  3. Serve and enjoy! 

Wake Me Up Iced Latte Lollies 

For summer mornings when you want a cool pick me up, iced latte lollies are a perfect idea! 


  • Espresso – two shots per lolly. You can either make this or use shop-bought cans
  • Barista standard milk of choice, we’re a fan of oat milk
  • Flavoured syrups, if preferred


  1. In each mould, pour two shots of espresso at the base. You may want to wait for it to cool if you are making it fresh, as this prevents the mould from heating up too much.  
  2. Part freeze the espresso, for no more than 30 minutes. It should hold some shape but still be liquid. 
  3. If you want to add flavour, thoroughly mix the syrup into your milk at this stage.  
  4. Pour the milk on top of the espresso and stir gently to achieve a swirled effect.  
  5. Freeze completely, using our ice lolly method above.  
  6. Enjoy! 

If you decide to try any of these recipes, please share and tag us on social so we can see!