Embrace Hygge – Cosy Ideas for the Colder Months!

hygge ideas

What is hygge?

Pronounced ‘hoo-gah’, hygge is a Danish word that broadly translates to ‘cosiness’ in the UK. However, the meaning is much deeper than this alone. For the Danish, hygge is an attitude to life, embracing the simple things that bring us happiness and comfort – friends, family, quiet moments, warmth and contentment. Whether this be achieved by curling up inside with a hot drink on a cold winter’s evening or by taking a long revitalising walk in the forest during sunrise, it’s all about feeling good.

So, here’s how you can embrace hygge at home or away these coming winter months over the festive period!

1) Get cosy with blankets and comfy clothes

cosy blankets hyggeBy far one of the most vital components of embracing hygge is getting physically cosy and comfortable. This means digging out your most comfortable and soft loungewear to lounge around in. Think baggy, soft jumpers, stretchy joggers or leggings and warm, thick socks. The feeling of comfy clothes shouldn’t be underestimated. When the weather is particularly cold, layer blankets over your sofa and bed to grab whenever you need that extra warmth.

2) Read a book

reading book hyggeWith today’s strong addiction to technology and hyper connectivity to the world, we sometimes forget what it’s like to switch off and turn the volume down on our thoughts. Reading a book (for true hygge, a paperback), allows us to relax, focus our minds on a story that draws us in and takes us to a faraway place. For true authentic hygge, having a nominated ‘nook’ to read in adds extra cosiness, like your snuggliest couch.

3) Make a hot drink

v8 juice hot Whenever you read about hygge, pictures nearly always include someone clutching a steaming mug. Not only is a hot drink perfect for warming up your insides after venturing out in the chilly air, it’s also truly comforting and the perfect treat for cosying up. Have you tried V8 Original Juice hot? It’s deliciously filling and tasty, packed with 8 nutritious vegetables!

4) Light candles and a fire

candles hygge
Candlelight and firelight sets a relaxing, flickering environment that’s much softer and warmer than harsh unnatural lighting. Simplistic, they can be either scented or unscented – whatever relaxes you most!

6) Cook comfort food for you and friends

comfort food hyggeEmbracing hygge with friends can be done though a cosy environment, but also through cooking delicious comfort food for a crowd! Hearty and warming dishes full of chunky ingredients are perfect for hygge get-togethers. We recommend delicious Pasta E Fagioli, Rich Beef Stew or Hearty Vegetarian Chili.

7) Bring the outside in

hygge bring outside inBringing nature inside can be a breath of fresh air when the last thing you want to do is go outside. Combining natural textures with soft man-made materials brings a sense of freshness and the organic into your home. Succulents and small plants can be dotted around on shelves, bookcases and tables.

How do you like to get cosy? If you have any hygge tips we’d love for you to share them on our Facebook page!