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Chicken Corn Chowder with V8 juice

V8 Chicken Corn Chowder – hearty goodness ready in under 20 min

For as long as V8 vegetable juice has graced the shelves of food shops, both large and small, around the globe you have been cooking with it. V8 Original’s unique blend of 8 vegetable juices, its rich, savoury flavour and its smooth texture lends itself perfectly to cooking. It’s pretty much a pre-made tomato sauce already; flavoured and seasoned to perfection!

Time and time again we’ve heard our juice drinkers shout about the benefits of V8 juice as a base for cooking, explaining how it makes crafting tasty meals quicker and easier than ever. From simple pasta dishes to dinner party centrepieces, we’ve seen it all. But despite the many times you’ve told us we should share some of the huge range of recipes made easy with V8 we’ve failed to take your advice. Until now…

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Go on, take a look. Have a browse of our recipes and perhaps give one or two a go. You never know, V8 might be your newest secret ingredient, transforming faffy and time-consuming meals into dishes you can whip up in a jiffy!

Annie's Raspberry Beetroot Jelly Spiced Panna Recipe with V8

A delightful recipe crafted for us by Annie, owner of blog Annie’s Noms.

At present, we have just a handful or recipes, just a snapshot of the potential V8 has as an ingredient. Over the coming weeks and months, however, we plan to grow our recipes section into a veritable treasure trove of edible delights! So, don’t forget to keep an eye out for new additions, either here on our website or over on Facebook or Twitter.

If you, like many others, have cooked with V8 and wish to share a recipe, we’d love to hear from you! If we like your recipe enough we may even give it pride of place in our new section, awarding you full credit for your creation!

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Since our recipes are just too good not to be shared with the world we have joined Yummly as a publisher. Check out our V8 Yummly page. If you try our recipes and like them we’d love it if you could hit the Yum button on the recipe’s page! This will save the recipe for you on Yummly and make it more likely that others find and enjoy our recipes.

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