Introducing V8 Vegetable Yoghurt!

v8 vegetable yoghurt


Three Irresistible Flavours

The days of plain old fruit yoghurt are gone – introducing V8 Vegetable Yoghurt! Available in three delicious flavours:

Tomato & Basil

Tangy tomato puree is swirled amongst this delicious dairy delight, with hints of basil mixed throughout.

Carrot & Lettuce

In this yoghurt you’ll find a surprise layer of vibrant carrot and real lettuce leaf pieces – the perfect partners.

Beetroot & Cress

Finally, our colourful beetroot yoghurt is complemented with a dash of cress to bring it all together. Sweet, earthy, sour, creamy and bitter – it’s a taste sensation!
Now you have an additional way to easily get two of your five a day! The hardest part is picking your favourite!

Perfect for breakfast, they’re the ultimate morning pick me up. Packed full of real vegetable pieces and the healthy bacteria bifidus vegetarium, you’ll be full of energy in no time! Simply grab your spoon and dig in, it’s also a delicious addition to granola and chopped fruit – zingy!

What V8 Fans think

“Before I discovered V8 vegetable yoghurt, my mornings were plagued with the dull dreariness of fruit yoghurt. Now, I can experience a vitalising veggie explosion – with a bit of added crunch.”

– Crunch Enthusiast

“Some people in the office questioned what I was putting on my morning granola – as soon as I showed them the flecks of basil in my V8 Vegetable Tomato & Basil yoghurt they were truly lost for words.”

– Satisfied Office Worker

“My favourite HAS to be the beetroot & cress yoghurt, I just love that it turns my tongue a bright purple colour for all to see!”

– Beetroot Fan

Where can I find it?

V8 Vegetable yogurt will unfortunately not be available at any good supermarkets any time soon.

Happy April Fools’ Day!