How to Make Exercise Fun for Kids

kids exercising outside

Tearing the kids away from computers, tablets and TVs is no easy feat, but with spring well underway and the sun poking out from behind the clouds, it’s the best time to get out get moving! So, here are our favourite suggestions for making exercise fun, rather than a chore for kids!

1) Start off slow

If the suggestion of exercise conjures moans and groans from behind those glowing screens, give the kids a time frame. Five minutes is a short time after all! Who knows, they may surprise themselves and actually enjoy it, before you know it 5 minutes has doubled, tripled…

2) Help them work out what they love!

children horse riding
Every child is different, one child may love bolting around constantly, and another may prefer taking part in a sport that gets them thinking and moving. Not sure what they love? The only way to work it out is to try something new! Aside from the usual sports like football, tennis, gymnastics, or dance, why not let them try something completely different, like trampolining, horse riding or rock climbing?

Other more unusual sports they can try:

  • – Archery
  • – Martial arts
  • – Volleyball
  • – Skating
  • – Diving
  • – Table Tennis
  • – Rowing

3) Variety is key

Mixing up activities and fun ways to exercise is key to making sure your kids say yes! No-one wants to do the same activity over and over, so make sure you’re always doing something different and asking your kids what they’d like to try.

4) A roll of tape is your best friend

kidplaying hopscotch outside
You don’t need fancy or expensive equipment to get your kids moving! For instance, a roll of tape can provide lots of fun! Create a tape hop scotch game on the patio or a tape balance beam that they’re not allowed to step off of! Chalk works equally as well!

5) Obstacle courses

Obstacle courses can be made using a combination of things already in the garden. Move around the old slide, use blankets and chairs for make shift tunnels. Get out the handy roll of tape, and move the sprinkler to the finish line!

6) Host your own ‘Sports Day’!

Invite over friends and family and encourage them to get involved in your very own sports day! Think relay races, wheelbarrow races, egg and spoon races (egg optional!), scavenger hunts and long jump. Hosting mini contests with prizes will make it all the more enticing for the kids (and competitive adults!)

7) Disguise exercise as something else

kids running along the beach
If you really can’t convince the kids to get up and move, disguise exercise as something else! Take a trip to the zoo, the beach, a museum… whatever it is, just make sure they walk their socks off! They’ll be surprised how tired they feel at the end of the day…

8) And when the weather isn’t on your side

If you really can’t tear the kids away from the screens when it’s miserable outside, make sure they’re playing a game that gets them moving! There are many dance and fitness related games out there that kids can enjoy on games consoles, don’t forget – mums and dads need to have a go too!