How To Decorate Your Office This Christmas

decorate your office for christmas

You wake up on a morning in December to a Christmas wonderland. Your house is a veritable grotto of decorations, presents and the smells of Christmas. But it isn’t Christmas Day just yet. You still have to go to work!

And work is about as un-christmasy as you could imagine. Barren cubicles, dour employees and an atmosphere as far removed from your festive living room as it is possible to be.

Fear not, festive fan! V8 is here to help you transform you office from Humbug Hell to a Winter Wonderland!

That’s A Wrap!

Does your office have cubicles? Squint at the squareness and it begins to look like a present that just needs a little wrapping paper! A few pins, any cheap Christmas paper and 5 minutes work will start transforming your office cubicles into a treasure trove of festive gifts.

Christmas Office Decorations Awesome Christmas



Offices have stairs, computer screens, partitions are all prime targets for a touch of tinsel. Simply fix it in place with a little tape to bring some snowy sparkle to your work space. Just don’t go OTT…shutterstock_5831230

Wreath It

Sticky notes come in all sorts of colours these days. Take advantage of this by grabbing some green ones from the stationery cupboard and making a festive wreath.

Post-it wreath


Hanging Out At Work

Ceiling tiles are removable and easy to poke holes in. As a result, they’re ideal for hanging Christmas decorations and, yes, more tinsel!



Cosy Up Around The Computer

Switch your computer screensaver to that of a cosy open fireplace to transform your desk into a cosy, snowed in ski lodge.shutterstock_219557575

These are just a few ideas to help you brighten up your work space. Work is never going to be Santa’s Grotto of the year (unless you actually work at Santa’s Grotto!), but you can help bring a little bit of that Christmas spirit to your co-workers.

Do you have any ingenious office decorations ideas? We’d love to hear from you! Send us a message on our Facebook page.

 Merry Christmas!