Packed Lunch Snack Hacks

Back to School Snack Hacks

Here are 8 packed lunch snack hacks for busy families getting ready to get back to school. Are you ready? The school holidays always end sooner than expected and you’ll soon be up early and running around trying to get everyone organised.

When your kids are heading back to school, it’s important that their energy levels are high and they’re eating a balanced diet. When you’re busy with getting everyone ready in the morning it can be hard to find the time to prepare tasty snacks for lunchtime.

Hacks for Easy Packed Lunches

Fortunately, we’re here to help! We’ve come up with some clever packed lunch hacks that will make your life easier and keep your kids eating the right stuff!

Keep Chilled

chilled sandwich packed lunch hack

Get sandwiches instantly every morning! Make all the sandwiches for the week in one go and freeze them until you need them. This hack saves time and makes your morning so much easier!

Love Your Leftovers

leftover lunch hack

Mix things up by using your leftovers from dinner. If sandwiches are getting a bit boring, get creative with leftovers. Last night’s pasta, homemade veggie pizza, fajitas or falafel make great alternatives to usual packed lunch grub.

Divide & Conquer

Divided tupperware lunchbox hack

Use divided tupperware tubs to keep your tasty snacks separate. These are an ideal way to save space in your kid’s bag and give their lunch a fun ‘build-your-own’ feel.

Get Sticky!

Veggie sticks and hummus packed lunch hacks

Here’s a sweet veg hack: sticks! Carrots, cucumber, celery… if you can scoop a bit of hummus onto it, it’s great for packed lunch. Healthy, fun and tasty, the humble veggie stick has it all!

Blend It

Lunchtime smoothie for kids hack

Grab your leftover veg and start making smoothies! Sweeten and colour with fruit and you’ve got a tasty, healthy drink that can be chilled and frozen until you need it.

Keep Your Fruit Under Wraps

SLiced Apple lunch hacks

Keep those apple slices from going brown by wrapping them in clingfilm. After slicing the apple, reassemble it and wrap it up. This prevents the air getting to it and the slices going brown.

Get In Shape!

Cookie cut sandwiches hack

Use cookie cutters to make fun shapes out of your kids’ sandwiches. Ideal for kids who can’t stand crusts. Everyone knows that eating a sandwich that’s dinosaur-shaped makes it ten times tastier!

Make A Plan

No matter which packed lunch hacks you use, making a plan is key. Plan your packed lunches in advance to make the mornings so much less hassle. Making a meal plan allows you to see exactly what your kids are having every week so you can make sure that they’re getting the balanced diet they need.

packed lunch hacks

We hope these handy hacks help you get your family back into the swing of the school run! Got a sweet packed lunch hack of your own? Let us know on our Facebook page.