Simple Halloween Snacks for Parties!

fruit teeth

Scared at how quickly Halloween has come around once again? So are we! With the haunting holiday just around the corner, now’s the time to prep some party/snack ideas for the whole family! We’ve collected together our favourite healthy, spooky treats for kids and adults alike, which you can whip up in no time.

Trick or treat? Tasty Treats for Kids!

Every child loves Halloween – undoubtedly for the sheer number of sugary treats they are allowed to consume. But how can you satisfy their Halloween cravings without overloading them with sugar? Here’s our answer! Add fun, fruity treats that look great and help towards one of their five a day!

Petite Pumpkins

mini pumpkins for halloween
Tangerines make the perfect mini pumpkin treat! Simply remove as much of the white pith as possible, wash and chop an inch or two of celery and place inside the sliced tangerine. There you have it – mini pumpkin treats little monsters will gobble up in no time!

Spooky Strawbs

spooky strawberries halloween snack
A tasty treat that couldn’t be more simple to make! Spooky strawberries are simply sweet strawbs dipped in a chocolate and decorated with scary faces. To make it even healthier, use yogurt instead and freeze! They’ll soon be haunting your dreams…


spooky bananas halloween snack
Another speedy, spooktacular snack – Boo-nanas! These ghostly fiends are halved bananas with chocolate chips for eyes, just dab them on with a tiny bit of melted chocolate. There you have it! To make them even more interesting, you can coat them in yogurt and freeze them like the Spooky Strawbs! Get creative and add whatever you fancy.

Toothy Treats

apple teeth halloween treats
These toothy treats are brilliantly ‘bite’-size (geddit…?) Not only do they taste great, they look fantastic at a party table! For these gnashers, slice some apple, spread peanut butter in between and add mini marshmallows or nuts for the teeth!

…Candy Apples

halloween candy apples
Okay, so these might not be the most healthy… but they’re great for a rare treat! For 4 apples, dissolve 200g sugar with 100ml of water and after 5 minutes or so, stir in ½ tsp of vinegar and 2tbsp of golden syrup. Boil until it reaches 150C, then dip each apple into the toffee and finish with any treats you’d like. Perfect toffee apple on a stick!

Meanwhile… For The Grown Up Monsters

Have a Bloody Nightmare!

v8 bloody nightmare cocktail
If you’re a Bloody Mary fan, you need to try our Bloody Nightmare cocktail recipe! Devilishly delectable, this spicy, spooky cocktail combines refreshing V8 Original Juice, black vodka and a splash of chilli sauce – not for the faint-hearted.

Enjoy with some devil (chilli) horns to garnish!

Try any of these tasty treats? Let us know on our Facebook page! We hope you all have a spooktacular Halloween.