Take Back Your Lost Hour and Win with ‘Hour Gift to You’

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It’s that time of year again. The time when we lose an hour from our day and have our already tight and busy schedules squeezed even further. However, what if we were to tell you there was a way to take back this lost hour AND gain more time in the future? No, we haven’t finally cracked time travel and we’re pretty sure we’re not crazy. Instead, we want to equip you with the ability to reclaim your lost hour yourself…

The ‘Hour Gift To You’ platform is a fully interactive, brilliantly effective way of making small changes in your life that equal big time savings. The idea is simple, by using our tips you can streamline your day enough to reclaim your lost hour and also save time going forward.  All 6 tips are practical and applicable to everyday life and, when combined, will allow anyone to save at least an hour in their day.

Check Out Our Gift To You

If you’re looking to save even more time why not try the following tips:

Get Social Media Savvy

Switch off social media notifications and only visit the networks a couple of times a day. With 62 million hours spent on social networks in the UK every day (that’s an hour for every man, woman and child) it’s time to stop scrolling so much.

Perfect Meal PlansHour Gift To You Meal Plan Image

Create a meal plan at the start of every week to reduce time spent on last minute shopping and takeaway trips. Coincide creating your plan with doing your weekly shop to make sure you’ve got everything you need.

Flexi-Time Saving

If your employer allows it, switching to flexi-time can slash your commute times. By arriving to work at an agreed earlier or later time you can avoid peak travel periods and the associated time restraints.

You can find plenty more tips like these over on ‘Hour Gift To You’.

We Want To Give You More Than Just Your Hour

Reclaiming your hour is great but what if you could win time doing something you love? Once you have clicked through all our time saving tips you have the opportunity to enter yourself into our prize draw to win an experience day focused around a passion or interest of yours. Simply submit your email address to be entered into the prize draw. Also, for every person that enters the competition via the link you’ve shared on social media you will receive another entry. There is no entry limit so get sharing now!

So, jump on over to ‘Hour Gift To You’ and take back your hour!