The 8 Healthiest Juices to Drink

juicing fruit and veg

The key to healthy eating – and drinking – is moderation and variation. Advice is generally to eat a wide variety of foods – specifically plant-based foods – but without indulging specifically on any one type. When it comes to juice, a good way to make sure you’re consuming all the healthiest fruits and vegetables is to think about colour.  

If you can eat or drink as many different colours as possible, there’s a good chance you’re taking in a wide range of goodness. We’ve put together this list of eight of the healthiest juices to drink, by colour, to help inspire you. 

Green Healthy Juices 

Kale Juice 

Love it or hate it, kale is one of the most nutritious vegetables out there. Packed with vitamins C, E, and K, as well as calcium, beta-carotene, oxalate, sulforaphane, and two phytonutrients called lutein and zeaxanthin, it has numerous health benefits. The compounds within kale can support immunity, bone and eye health, and may even protect against heart disease and cancer. 

kale juice

Instead of sticking to portions of kale on your Sunday lunch, consider juicing it! If you don’t enjoy the taste, try adding apple juice, pineapple juice, or even peanut butter (trust us!) to make it more palatable. 

Cucumber Juice 

Cucumber has a number of health benefits, as well as being excellent for hydration. It contains vitamin B, C and K, beta-carotene, manganese, molybdenum, and various flavonoid antioxidants. It’s a known source of potassium, which acts as an electrolyte that helps to regulate sodium in the kidneys. Consuming potassium, cucumbers can help to naturally lower blood pressure. 

Cucumbers are a refreshing vegetable that don’t have a strong taste. For this reason, a simple, standalone cucumber juice can be a delicious drink to have in the morning, with breakfast. Alternatively, try adding a splash of lemon or lime juice to add some zing! 

Purple Healthy Juices 

Beetroot Juice 

With their distinct, strong flavour and fibrous texture, beetroot is an excellent healthy food to juice. One of its most beneficial components is glutamine, which is an amino acid known to support gut health. Good gut health is important for a number of reasons, from mood to skin health. Other nutrients found in beetroot include betacyanin – which is responsible for the rich purple colour – nitrates, betalain compounds, and oxalate. These compounds have varying health benefits including anti-inflammatory properties, muscle recovery, lowering blood pressure and potentially limiting the development of some cancer types. 

beetroot juice

Those who don’t enjoy eating beetroot as a vegetable, in a salad or in a stew for example, can try it in juice form. Alone it its quite a thick, strong-tasting drink, so it might be worth cutting through it with a citrus flavour like orange or lemon. 

Pomegranate Juice 

This tasty fruit often gets neglected because the seeds are so tricky to access. But those who have the patience to do the work are rewarded with a delicious, sweet flavour that works well in a variety of food and drink. Pomegranates are packed with antioxidants, vitamins C and K, folate, and potassium. Their antioxidants are especially beneficial for humans, supporting bone and muscle health, and potentially improving memory, and combating heart disease. 

Pomegranate juice is delicious on its own, offering a sweet and fresh taste. It is fairly high in sugar, however, so it’s suggested that you limit your intake to one glass or day. Or you could dilute it with water first if you’d like more than one glass. 

Orange Healthy Juices 

Carrot Juice 

This popular orange vegetable is well-known for being an excellent source of beta-carotene, which the body converts into vitamin A. Other nutritious compounds found in carrots include vitamins B, C, and K, fibre, calcium, and potassium. This vegetable supports eye heath, hence the old adage taught to children all over; ‘carrots help you see in the dark’, as well as heart and bone health, immunity and even controlling diabetes. 

carrot juice

Carrots are flavoursome and can be enjoyed as part of a cooked meal, or in juice form. To make the taste even more refreshing, combine carrot juice with orange juice. 

Orange Juice 

Probably the most popular juice on the planet, orange juice has long been enjoyed as a sweet and tasty drink, as well as for its health benefits. It’s most commonly associated with vitamin C; however, it does offer a wealth of other goodness. Oranges contain flavanones, fibre, calcium, potassium, and vitamins A and B. As well as supporting immunity, orange juice may aid in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol and limit the development of heart disease and cancer. 

Usually enjoyed on its own, orange juice is also a high-sugar fruit juice. Advice is to have just one glass a day, or a few if they’re diluted with water. It’s also recommended to drink orange juice with a meal, to limit damage to teeth. 

Red Healthy Juices 

Cranberry Juice  

Cranberries get mixed reviews, because they can be sweet but sometimes, they are sharp and almost sour in taste. Cranberries contain calcium, beta-carotene, and vitamin C. Cranberry juice is well-known for its believed ability to combat urinary tract infections. This is thought to be due to the presence of proanthocyanin compounds, which have natural antibacterial properties. Evidence to support this claim is mixed, however many people swear by cranberry juice as a natural remedy for UTIs. 

cranberry juice

In juice form, if you’re not making it yourself, make sure you look for 100% not from concentrate cranberry juice. Often you will see ‘cranberry juice drink’ on the shelves, but this is made with lots of sugars and sweeteners, which may improve the taste but will definitely lower its health benefits. 

Tomato Juice 

While tomato juice may be widely associated with Bloody Marys, it also has its own merits as a standalone juice. Tomatoes offer fibre, potassium, carotene, vitamin C, and phytochemicals called carotenoids. They also contain a compound known as lycopene, which research suggests may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Tomato juice can be beneficial for supporting eye and skin health and may reduce the symptoms of menopause. 

Enjoy tomato juice by itself or combined with other vegetables, as is the case with V8 juice. Our juice contains eight vegetables – tomatoes, beetroot, carrots, celery, spinach, parsley, lettuce, and watercress. One glass offers an easy way to get one of your five a day.  


Fruit juice in particular is known to have a high sugar content and can often be considerably calorific. In spite of this, because of its nutritional value, juice is still thought to be a healthy beverage when consumed in moderation. Good advice is to limit your intake to one glass of juice per day. Do you make your own healthy juices and smoothies? We’d love to see your photos and recipes! Share them on our social media pages using the buttons below.