Tips for Beating the Monday Blues

Happy Monday! Beat those January Blues!

Happy Blue Monday everyone! Or so we’re told! Here at V8 we do our best to make sure that Blue Monday doesn’t affect us, and you can too with a few simple tips to beat those blues…

What is Blue Monday?

Blue Monday was first coined back in 2005 as a sales and advertising ploy for a company called Sky Travel. It was claimed to have been scientifically calculated that the third Monday in January is the most depressing day of the year, but this was since deemed completely nonsensical.

However, Blue Monday has just kind of stuck with society ever since, and now so many of us dread its dawn… The good news is it doesn’t need to be that way! There are so many simple little things you can do to help lift your spirits and inject a bit of sunshine into your Blue Monday!

How to Beat the Monday Blues

  1. Get Some Sunshine!

  2. One of the easiest ways to help instantly boost your mood up from its darkest depths on Blue Monday is to get some sun! Okay, yes it is January, but even just getting outside for a short walk in the fresh air will work wonders. Or, if you’re unable to get outside, why not get yourself a SAD (Season Affective Disorder) lamp? These clever lights replicate sunlight and all the positive affects it has on your body. It’ll have you walking on sunshine in moments…

  3. Get Moving!

  4. Jump on the “New Year, New You” bandwagon and get some exercise this Blue Monday. Your body will love you for it!  If you have a go at some gentle exercise, like jogging, swimming or cycling, this will boost endorphins and will also help to calm you on the (apparently) most stressful day of the year.

  5. Get Eating!

  6. Here at V8 it’s part of our vision to help get everyone the right number of vegetable servings they need each day, and this can be easily achieved! If you fuel your body with the right kinds of foods then you’ll start to feel a real kick! Check out our recipes and eat healthy this Blue Monday (and all the other days too!)

  7. Get Watching!

  8. One of the best ways to get through Blue Monday is to find pleasure in the small, everyday things, like watching a film. Just put on your favourite movie, whether it’s a comedy or a full-on feel good film, and sit back to enjoy. Make yourself a nice warming drink while you’re at it, pull on your fluffiest socks and curl up in the corner. Films aren’t your thing? Open up your favourite book instead. Do what makes you happy and what helps you relax, and Blue Monday won’t feel so blue after all…

  9. Get… An Early Night!

What better way to get through Blue Monday then to get it over with as quickly as possible? Going to bed a bit earlier than you would normally will really help to refresh you. The NHS recommends that most adults should get between six and nine hours sleep a night, so do your best to meet this quota on Blue Monday and wake up on a not-so-blue Tuesday.

If you manage to do one, two or all of these tips on Blue Monday then the day won’t seem half as bad! In fact, why not try doing these throughout January and see if it helps you to feel more positive…

Do you have any tried and tested tips for banishing the blues on Blue Monday? Let us know!