Top 8 Veggie Pizza Toppings

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In celebration of #NationalPizzaDay V8 are celebrating Italy’s most popular wheel of dough with a round up of the top 8 vegetarian pizza toppings! If you’re looking to get a bit experimental with your vegetarian pizza, take some inspiration from V8’s top eight vegetarian pizza toppings… to create the best vegetarian pizza ever made!

1.      Tomato

Number one obviously being the famous tomato! You can’t go wrong with a good ol’ margherita pizza with extra tomatoes! With a few simple ingredients, cheese and tomato pizza can be rustled up in no time. A study by Papa Johns discovered that while just 2% of Brits favour the simple Margareta, more than half will be eager to add extra tomatoes onto their order!  Is it because they’re rich in vitamin C and very effective antioxidants? Who knows, we still love them though!

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 2.      Pesto

Ever had pesto-pizza? This may seem like an unusual pizza topping, but the green craze continues with this Greek-inspired pizza base which is often accompanied by kale, tomatoes or spinach. The very Instagramable trend is a popular choice amongst chefs and food bloggers, with it being more of a healthy alternative to your average triple-cheese and tomato stuffed crust pizza.

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3.      Eggs

Ever tried the ultimate ‘breakfast’ pizza? Another unusual pizza topping which is very scrummy. You can add eggs to any kind of pizza, but they taste particularly scrummy on breakfast-inspired pizzas, which usually include mushrooms, vegetarian meat, onions and cheese, mmnm! Pizza for breakfast, anyone?

 4.      Pineapple

A very controversial pizza trend. Ever since the first Hawaiian pizza was made in 1962 there has been a longstanding argument about it. Love it or loathe it, The Independent even featured an article on the debate. Being one of the biggest food related debates to go down in history, pineapple on pizza is still a very much popular with a lot of people, to be precise 42% of people will enjoy pineapples on their pizza. Would you top your pizza with the delicious fruit, or would you prefer not to ruin it?

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5.      Olives

Black olives, green olives or red olives? Another divisive pizza topping. Black olives in particular tend to steal the limelight when it comes to pizza. Depending on if your olives are canned or jarred, they can be quite sour, so make sure you choose the right ones. They can also go particularly well with other vegetarian toppings such as caramelised onions, peppers, tomatoes, mozzarella and mushrooms. Mmmm!

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6.      Sauteed Onions

One of the least appetising pizza toppings, sautéed onions on a thin crust homemade pizza will test very delicious, if you like onions, that is! You might not end up with the most photogenic pizza, but these sautéed onions are a seriously under-rated topping that you need to try!

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 7. Vegan and Vegetarian Sausage

A great meat alternative – vegan and vegetarian sausage is a great way to bulk out your pizza without breaking your veggie rules. There are many favoured vegetarian meat brands now including Quorn, Linda McCartney and Beyond Meat. You can easily create your own ‘meat feast’ and bulk out your pizza just without the actual meat.

8. Jalapenos

If you really want to test those taste buds, it’s time to add some spice to your pizza! Adding even a few jalapenos to your pizza will give it a good kick. It’s a great topping to add strong flavour. With no surprise Jalapenos aren’t the most popular topping to add, but if you’re feeling brave it’s definitely worth giving it a go!

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Make sure you enjoy #NationalPizzaDay and get experimental with your toppings!