Weirdest Christmas Cracker Gifts

Family enjoying christmas dinner and their weird cracker gifts

You’d be surprised by the weird Christmas cracker gifts you can find these days. Christmas crackers can be filled with all sorts of fun and quirky alternative fillers that can make your Christmas Day even more special.

Check out our list of our favourite alternative Christmas cracker gifts that are sure to delight and surprise your guests this Christmas.

Egg & Spoon Christmas Crackers

Weird egg and spoon cracker gifts

Turn your Christmas Day into a Sports Day with crackers filled with all the things you need to compete in the greatest of childhood Sports Day events! Grab your egg and your spoon and race your friends and family around the garden with these unique Christmas crackers.


Tea makes a great alternative Christmas cracker gift

Make your Christmas Day patriotic with the most Britishly weird Christmas cracker gifts: tea! This is the perfect Christmas cracker filling for those who enjoy a post-dinner beverage. Turn your cracker gift into a lovely, warming cuppa!


Weird Cracker Gifts include gin

Or for those who prefer a tipple, why not choose a Christmas cracker filled with gin? Celebrate Christmas with a boozy Christmas cracker gift… just add tonic! Other popular spirit-filled crackers include rum and whiskey.


Puzzling over a cracker prize? Choose a puzzle!

Instead of a spinning top or a fortune-telling fish, while away your Christmas Day evening with a full wooden puzzle straight from the insides of a Christmas cracker. If you’re looking for an alternative Christmas cracker that will give you plenty to do while you’re digesting your Christmas dinner, relax with a lovely puzzle cracker.


A weird and funny cracker prize

This funny Christmas cracker is not one to pull over your Christmas dinner… unless you’re playing a prank! When pulled, this cracker will explode in a shower of festive confetti, covering everything around. Let your mischievousness shine with a this alternative Christmas cracker that’s guaranteed to get a laugh.

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs make ideal weird christmas cracker gifts

This is definitely one of the weirder Christmas cracker gifts on our list (but not the weirdest!). Instead of a giant paperclip, imagine pulling a cracker and having a bath bomb fall out! Enjoy an indulgent Christmas soak full of delightfully scented bubbles when the family finally go home!


Jam is a most unexpected cracker prize at Christmas

Got nothing to spread on your toast on Boxing Day? Fear not! For you can buy jammy crackers! Deliciously sticky and utterly bonkers, enjoy a cracker full of jam when a spinning top just won’t amuse and you haven’t got anyone to play tiny cards with.

A Symphony Orchestra!

Musical christmas crackers

Turn your Christmas dinner into a Christmas sing-song with these weird and wonderful Christmas cracker gifts. Featuring 8 toned whistles, music and a conductors baton, you’ll have everything you need to play your favourite Christmas songs with your friends and family. Who needs a Christmas CD when you have these?!

If you’re looking to make your Christmas Day really special, pick up some weird Christmas crackers today!

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