What to Bring on a Picnic

V8 carton with picnic blanket on grass

The Great British Summer is here! There’s no denying that we’ve had some gorgeous weather recently and we’ve all tried to make the most of it! What better way to enjoy the sunshine than going on a picnic? There’s nothing more British then packing your perfect picnic basket, grabbing a picnic blanket from the back of the cupboard and heading off to the Great Outdoors…

But there are so many ways you can spice up your picnic! Depending on where you’re going, who you’re going with and what you pack, a picnic can suit a whole host of eventualities. We’ve put together some popular picnic occasions and the perfect way to enjoy them!

Picnicking with Friends

Maybe you and your mates decided last-minute to hit the beach? Perhaps the weather was unexpectedly nice on a Saturday and the seaside was calling you? In this situation you need to act fast! Grab your largest cool bag (and your largest beach towel) and stuff it full of fun, easy food!

Friends take picnic to beach

What To Take:

• Bags and bags of crisps: These are perfect to tear open and share with a large group of mates.
• Sandwich selection: You’ve got to take sandwiches onto a sandy beach and get sand in them, it’s tradition! Why not give each person a different filling so that you have a whole platter to choose form?
• Vegetable sticks with humous: These are the perfect snack to quickly cut up and shove into a cool box. Plus, you can get some really cool humous flavours to choose from!
• Fizzy drinks and fruity drinks: A day at the beach is often hot work! Make sure you pack plenty of cold drinks to help keep everyone refreshed and hydrated.

A Romantic Picnic

Couple on picnic by lake

If it’s just you and your other half on a hot day and you fancy relaxing for a few hours, get out the house and find a nice quiet, cool spot to spend the day. But don’t forget to treat yourself to a luxurious picnic! Plan, prepare and pack your perfect picnic basket depending on what you fancy eating and enjoying that day. If you deal with all the food you want to bring on your picnic in the morning, you can head out at lunchtime safe in knowledge you’ve got everything you need in your basket.

What To Take:

• Pasta salad: A light pasta salad can be easily made in the morning using anything you’ve got in the fridge that day. Ranging from pesto and pine nuts to Moroccan spices and roasted vegetables, a pasta salad is ideal for sharing.
• Cheese and crackers: This is sure to impress! A small selection of cheeses with crackers or bread is a sophisticated picnic snack. Bonus points if you pack the chutney!
• Strawberries: Is there anything more quintessentially British than a punnet of fresh strawberries? If you can serve them with cream then even better!
V8 Lemon Punch: This simple and refreshing cocktail is absolutely picnic-perfect! Mix up a large jug of it and transport it in a flask to help keep it cool.

A Family Day-Out Picnic

V8 family picnic in park

Every good family day out revolves around the picnic hamper, everybody knows that! No matter where you’re going, whether it’s an action-packed day of adventure or exploring the best sites and scenes, the picnic needs to keep everyone going. The best thing to remember at this point is pack as much food as possible!

What To Take:

• Sausage rolls: These are so easy to just grab and eat on the go if necessary.
Italian-style rice & vegetables: This dish can be enjoyed warm or cold. Make a huge batch of it in the morning and shove it in a container to take in your picnic basket.
• Seasonal fruit salad: The best thing about this is that you can use whatever fruit you have to hand that day. Chop up apples, add a few grapes and slice a banana. A top tip is to squeeze an orange over it all then it helps to keep it fresh.
Sticky Oven Glazed Chicken: These chicken wings make the ideal snack on a fun-packed day. You can even prepare them the night before and leave them in the fridge ready to grab before you go!
• Squash and water: And plenty of it! Make up a large bottle of squash to keep everyone’s energy levels up, and lots of still water to keep the whole family hydrated.

Picnic Essentials – Don’t Forget:

• Recyclable cups, cutlery and plates
• Rubbish bags
• Napkins
• Hand wipes / hand sanitiser

There are so many perfect places to have a picnic, so make the most of them this summer! And don’t forget to tell us about your picnic, the food you packed and what you enjoyed most!