What Vegetables Should You Plant in May?

Planting Seedlings in May

Now the clocks have turned, and many plants have begun to blossom, you’re probably thinking about your garden plans. There’s a whole host of veg you can grow now that we’ve finally reached springtime, but where should you start?

With the frost gone and the sun shining, May is the perfect time to both sow and plant a wide range of vegetables. So, if you’re planning your gardening jobs for the month ahead and want to know what vegetables to plant in May, read on!

Vegetables to Plant in May in the UK


Beetroot Sprouts Growing in May

First up on the list is beetroot. Easy to grow and a great source of fibre and iron, this root veg is ideal to plant in May. Once germinated, this purple veg requires little upkeep and will make the perfect addition to a summer salad or even chucked into a homemade humous.

To grow your own beetroot, simply sow the seeds into shallow pots, around 1cm deep, and water regularly. Now is also the ideal time to plant your pre-sown beetroot plugs.

So, whether you’ve already prepared this veg or are about to sow, May is your month!


Cucumber Seeds Planted in May

Part of the Cucurbitaceae family, otherwise known as the gourd family, the cucumber is the perfect vegetable for a fresh flavour this summer. Ready to harvest in July, you can make the most out of this green veg all summer long.

Whilst cucumbers grow best in greenhouses, you can easily sow these seeds indoors, ready to plant. All you have to do is sow the cucumber seeds around 1cm deep into a seed tray with multi-purpose compost.


Courgette seedling planted in May

Looking for the taste of Italy this summer? Look no further. The courgette is the perfect veg to go alongside pasta dishes when you’re eating alfresco. Not only is it packed with flavour, but it’s full of goodness – as it’s packed with high stores of potassium and vitamin C, for example.

If you want to add this flavourful veg to your patch, May is the time to sow the seeds. Simply sow your courgette seeds directly into prepared soil outside, in pots or trays ready to plant later. Keep topped up with food once they’ve begun to flower.

Top tip: If you have already sowed your courgette seeds in April, don’t worry, May is also the perfect time to plant them!


Carrot seeds for planting in May

Next up on the list is the humble carrot. Easy to grow and ready to sow in May, carrots are a great source of vitamin K and will make a great addition to a coleslaw for your summer BBQs!

Now May is finally here, all you have to do is sow your carrot seeds into shallow trays or pots with well-prepared soil, topping each with a thin layer of soil and watering as needed.

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Leek Seedlings planted out in May

If you’re looking to add more superfoods into your diet, Leeks are an easy and great way to achieve just this. This veg not only adds a sweet oniony flavour to your dish, but they are also an excellent way to get your dose of vitamin A, vitamin C and magnesium.

This delicious veg is ready to sow in early May, so if you want this veg ready for the autumn, then now is the time to sow. Leeks are best suited to being planted in the ground, sowed thinly around 1cm deep in rows, evenly spaced about 6 inches apart.


Spinach Plants planted in May

Whether it’s chucked in a smoothie or served as a side salad, spinach is both simple to grow and rich in nutrients, packed full of vitamin A, vitamin C and iron. This leafy green is ready to sow in May, so when you’re ready, simply sow the seeds thinly into a shallow tray around 1cm deep and keep in a sunny spot.

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Pak Choi

Pak Choi Plants in May

Looking for something a little different for your vegetable patch this year? We’ve got just the thing. Chinese cabbage, also known as pak choi, or bok choy, is a good source of vitamin C and vitamin K and will make a delicious addition to any veg patch this spring.

This leafy green is ready to sow in May. Simply sow in double rows in prepared soil, space around 10 inches apart, planting the seeds 2 inches apart, delicately covering them with soil. You can reap the rewards as early as 30 days when the baby leaves are ready to harvest. Full-sized pak choi will be ready to harvest late spring to late summer, so you can enjoy this veg throughout the summer!

Brussel Sprouts


Brussel Sprout Plants in May

Last, but certainly not least, is the Brussel sprout. Part of the Brassica family and a great source of fibre, this green will be an easy yet satisfying grow for any gardener. Although you may associate this seasonal veg with the festive period and all things wintery, if you want your sprouts ready for autumn, then May is the time to plant.

From mid-May, you can transplant your young plants into their final position ready to grow. Simply plant into fertile soil, keeping them in the sun and sheltered from the wind for best results.

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