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Get your kids eating more fruit and veg with our printable reward chart.

Fun and easy to use, simply colour in the stars for each serving of fruit or veg.

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Reward Chart

Would you believe that on average only one in ten children in the UK are eating their recommended 5-a-day?

Here at V8, we understand how difficult it can be to encourage your child to eat their fruit and veg. That's why we have created a free reward chart designed to help you do exactly this!

Introducing the V8 Fruit & Veg
Reward Chart:

Rewarding your child and saying 'well done' is possibly the best way to encourage good behaviour. Using a reward chart makes sure both you and your child take the time and effort to recognise when they have done something positive. It also gives your child something to aim for and an incentive to continue their good behaviour.

The V8 Fruit & Veg Reward Chart is an easy way for both you and your child to keep track of what, and how many, fruit and vegetables they have eaten each week. Our chart also lets you reward your child for trying new foods; something we know can be a real challenge.

Free Kids Star Chart
Free Kids Star Chart
  1. Click 'Print Now' to get your reward chart.
  2. Print your chart; one copy for each week you intend to use it. We recommend printing it in colour to maximise your chances of getting your child engaged with it.
  3. Pin your chart somewhere prominent, ideally in the kitchen where your child can fill it in straight after eating some fruit or veg. We recommend pinning it to the fridge!
  4. Decide a suitable target for your child's weekly fruit and veg consumption and pick an appropriate reward (see our tips below).
  5. Award a sticker or colour in one of the stars when your child eats a fruit or
  6. Fill your kitchen with fruit and veg and let your child do the rest!
  • Our chart is designed for children aged three and up, younger children may have trouble grasping the concept.
  • Set realistic goals. If your child is only eating one or two of their 5-a-day at the moment, try setting their weekly goal at a realistic level that you would be happy with (maybe 3 or 4 fruit or veg a day). Aim to increase the weekly goal incrementally until your child is consistently eating their 5-a-day or more!
  • Be smart with your rewards. Try setting your child's reward as something the whole family can do together, perhaps a picnic, a trip to the swimming pool or a soft play session. If all else fails, a more immediate reward such a cheap novelty item works well; think stickers, stationary or small toys.
  • Talk to your children about the chart often and encourage them to fill it in immediately after their good behaviour. This helps keep your child engaged with the chart and makes them more likely to continue eating their fruit and veg!
  • Never take stars away from your child. This will remove the positive association
    they have with the chart. A lack of reward will be sufficient to encourage them to
    try harder next time.
  • Praise your child. Rewards alone aren't enough, however praise given alongside
    using the chart will encourage that fruit and veg consumption!

*This chart has been created for United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland consumers only. The chart is only available for print and download online, we cannot supply physical copies in the post or by email.